15th Annual Statewide Legal Food Frenzy

Competition Rules

  •  7 Regional Winners
    • All private firms with 99 or fewer employees will compete within their respective food bank’s service area (per capita)
      • If a firm has offices in different regions, the firm should register each office independently.
      • If a firm has multiple locations that share lawyers/office staff within a region, we encourage you to register only one location and direct all support to that office. Please be sure to accurately reflect the total number of employees giving to that office upon registration.

VA Food Banks Map
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  • 9 Statewide Winners
    • 1 overall winner, minimum 5-person office (per capita)
    • 2 Large-sized firms - 100+ employees (per capita + total giving)
    • 2 Law School winners (per capita + total giving)
    • 2 Government and Public Service winners (per capita + total giving)
    • 2 Corporate Legal Department winners (per capita + total giving)
  • Bonus point opportunities:
    •  1,000(!) points for referring a new firm to the competition.
      • The new firm must recognize the referring firm on its registration and must participate in the competitions for the referring firm to receive bonus points.
    • 100 points if you register by March 15, 2021.

Changes for 2021 Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our food banks have been forced to adjust operations and procedures, particularly related to volunteer activities and food donation protocols.  We are making the following changes for the 2021 Legal Food Frenzy

Volunteer Activities:

While our food banks always need volunteers, the opportunities for group volunteer activities have been sharply impacted due to the pandemic. As a result, we will not award bonus points for volunteer activities this year.  We do encourage you to check with your local food bank and to volunteer individually or, if allowed, as a group. 

Food Donations:

While food donations are always appreciated, COVID has made this aspect of the competition more logistically difficult, therefore food donations will not be included in calculations for the Statewide Winners, although they may count toward regional prizes.  Please check with your local food bank to see how they are handling food donations.

We are so appreciative of your support over the last 14 years!  Virginia’s legal community has donated food and funds equating to more than 18.5 million pounds of food being distributed across the state.   This year, more than ever we need your support! 


Participating in the Legal Food Frenzy is easy. To get started, all you have to do is register online.


Once your firm or organization is registered, the individual(s) that you designate to lead your collection efforts will be contacted by a representative from your local food bank with customized materials for the two week campaign.